Information to get started

This resource was developed to help government agencies and other institutions implement healthy food service guidelines to better promote nutrition and health. Although written for government agencies, the guidance here is suitable for other entities (hospitals, schools, and other employers) interested in healthy food procurement. Some definitions are specific to the federal government: see definitions of facilities in our Glossary

Healthy food service guidelines can benefit employers of all kinds as well as their employees, visitors, and food service vendors. Providing and promoting healthier options improves public health, lowers health care costs, and responds to consumer demand. Government agencies that make healthier options available can provide leadership and inspire other institutions and sectors to do the same.

We recommend that you get started by identifying key allies for adoption and implementation of healthy food service guidelines, familiarizing yourself with relevant policy options for your government agency, and thinking about the big picture issues for successful implementation.

Key allies

Establishing healthy food service guidelines should be a collaborative process from the beginning. A wide variety of people can help with...

Different policy options

Different government agencies may have different procedures for incorporating healthy food service guidelines into requests for proposal (RFPs),...

Think big picture

This section captures important big-picture themes to keep in mind throughout the process of adopting healthy food service guidelines. Some of...

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